Here are the elements of a successful HRTech Conference strategy

1. Set Reasonable Expectations
It’s a successful conference if you got to know five people you can follow up with, had a solid conversation with five vendors and got five new ideas from conference speakers. With 400 vendors, nearly 70 sessions, 8 keynote/general sessions and 7 hours time in the expo, even the most energetic person will feel overwhelmed. It’s simply not possible to see it all. Set modest goals and then hold yourself accountable.

2. Be Kind to Yourself
Stay hydrated. You’ll be walking and talking a lot. Be careful to eat well. There will be lots of highly sugared foods and caffeinated drinks. Drink more water. Get a good night’s sleep.

3. Make a List of Five Things You Want to Learn
This is the heart of technology in the world of Human Resources. You can learn about the Cloud, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Data and Analytics, new Payroll Systems, new kinds of benefits, new approaches to recruiting. performance management, recognition systems, learning, integreated talent management. Pick five things you want to learn more about.

4. Take Notes
Even if you are a crummy note taker. There is so much going on that it will be difficult to recall everything. Review your notes on the plane home and make a simple action plan.

5. Meet w/ Targeted Vendors During Session Times
The scheduled visits to the Expo hall  are a form of controlled pandemonium. It’s noisy and not conducive to intelligent conversation. If you are going to meet with a vendor, try to schedule a conversation during the times that other people are going to formal sessions. The Expo hall is quieter and conversation is possible.

6. Use Breaks and Meals for Networking
When the action shifts to the expo hall, use that time to get to know others. If you can, research who you want to meet in advance. If they are on the show floor, they are accessible. Trust your instincts if you don’t have a specific plan. If you want to meet someone, walk up to them, introduce yourself and ask them a question.

7. Follow Up When You Get Home
You will have seen presentations, watched demos, met people and entertained new ideas. Your notes will be an invaluable part of your transition back to real life. Follow up with thank you notes and an action plan at work.

8. Use the Mobile App
Nuff said.


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