WFA6: Managing Workforce Retention and Identifying High Performers With Predictive Analytics

Managing Workforce Retention and Identifying High Performers With Predictive Analytics

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Friday 07 October
09:30 AM – 10:30 AM

The Anderson Center for Autism, a non-profit organization dedicated to providing the highest-quality programs for people with autism, wanted to transform its HR and payroll function, and harmonize its HCM system at the same time. While doing this, its leaders became aware of two issues: the need to identify potential retention issues, and at the same time, its high performers. Within a week of activating predictive analytics tools to do this, HR leaders were able to identify essential employees at risk of leaving and take action. Anderson is now using these tools to take proactive measures to keep its best talent and to determine whether the retention processes in place are actually working. Through its journey, you’ll learn to identify areas where predictive analytics can be used, how they can be used on a daily basis, and how to best connect people and data to help your company achieve ultimate success.


Gregg Paulk

Director of Information Technologies
Anderson Centers for Autism


photo of Gregg Paulk
Gregg Paulk

Gregg is the Director of Information Technologies. He is responsible for the day-to-day oversight and coordination of all aspects of the IT Department. In 2003, Anderson Center recruited Gregg to become the first Information Technologies Manager for the organization. Under his direction, Anderson Center has deployed the latest network technology and cutting-edge computer systems including intelligent active whiteboards in every class, State of the art HRIS system and a state of the art video teleconference system. Prior to joining Anderson Center, Gregg was owner and president of an IT consulting firm in South Carolina for 10 years and held technical and consulting positions with major corporations including AT&T Mobility, Wang Laboratories and MCI. Gregg received his initial electronics training while serving in the United States Navy. He also has many certifications with Microsoft and other leading software programs.

Adam Rogers

Ultimate Software


photo of Adam Rogers
Adam Rogers

Adam Rogers is Ultimate Software’s Chief Technology Officer and Senior Vice President of Product Development, overseeing the company’s product strategy, development and delivery via the Cloud. Adam joined Ultimate more than 19 years ago and has helped lead the company in its pioneering efforts to deliver human capital management (HCM) solutions via the cloud, making Ultimate the first to deliver HR and payroll cloud solutions. As part of those efforts, Adam and his team have been recognized by Forrester Research and other leading IT research firms for Ultimate’s development of best practices in agile software development. Adam is also a self-admitted gadget geek, regularly testing and evaluating new devices and applications for their business utility and to satisfy his own needs as a technophile. He studied Electrical Engineering at the University of Florida.