The HR Hacklab: What New HR Tech Solutions Are Needed Now

What New HR Tech Solutions Are Needed Now

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Tuesday 04 October
1:00 PM – 2:30 PM

As an HR and business leader you understand the value of HR technology in helping your organization meet its talent challenges, and probably have plenty of ideas about your “dream” HR tech solution that just hasn’t been created yet. Maybe it’s a new tool to better solve an existing problem, or perhaps it’s something never before developed — but you just know if you could acquire it that you could do even more to advance your organization. Well, now is your chance to push that dream a little closer to reality.

Building upon 2015’s first-ever HR Tech Conference Hackathon, where six teams of designers and developers created new and innovative HR solutions in 48 hours, the HR Hacklab will help you better understand and conceptualize how your dream HR tech solution might be manifested. Plus, you’ll get to partner with this year’s Hackathon participants as they design and develop your solutions to present at the HR Tech Hackathon session on Thursday.

Jason Lauritsen and Joe Gerstandt, creators of the “HR Hacklab” concept, will demonstrate how some of the core tenets of “hacking” are applicable to HR and the continued evolution of the organization, and will facilitate a conversation designed to frame your ideas for a new, dream HR technology into a set of challenges for the Hackathon teams to attack. You’ll collaborate with fellow HR leaders and some of the most talented technical teams in the industry to design the next great HR solution. And the best part? In less than 48 hours you’ll get to see your vision come to life when the Hackathon teams demonstrate your shared creation.

Arrive early! Session limited to 75 attendees, first come, first serve.


Jason Lauritsen

Director, Client Success
Quantum Workplace


photo of Jason Lauritsen Director, Client Success Quantum Workplace
Jason Lauritsen

Jason Lauritsen is a talent strategist and innovator who will challenge you to think differently about talent and the workplace. A former corporate Human Resources executive, Jason is today the Director of Client Success for Quantum Workplace where he leads a team dedicated to helping organizations make work better for employees every day. He also leads the research team behind Quantum’s Best Places to Work program that collects survey responses from employees at over 6,000 companies each year to identify, celebrate and promote some of the best workplaces in the world. Jason is an accomplished keynote speaker and co-author of the book, Social Gravity. Some people may know him as the tall, dancing guy with Talent Anarchy

Joe Gerstandt

Talent Anarchy


photo of Joe Gerstandt Co-Founder Talent Anarchy
Joe Gerstandt

Joe Gerstandt is a keynote speaker, author and consultant bringing greater clarity and new practices to diversity and inclusion work. He brings his unique perspectives and trademark energy to keynote at conferences nationwide and facilitates training workshops for corporate and professional groups. He works with Fortune 500 companies, non-profits, government entities and everything in between.