TECH1: The Public Debut of the 19th Annual Sierra-Cedar HR Systems Survey Findings

The Public Debut of the 19th Annual Sierra-Cedar HR Systems Survey Findings

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Wednesday 05 October
11:00 AM – 12:00 PM

Tomorrow’s HR technology environment will be cloud based, mobile enabled and data driven. However, research shows organizations are taking multiple pathways to transform their own HR system environments, with a mixture of rip and replace, combination, hosted, outsourcing, and hybrid strategies. Facilitated by Stacey Harris, senior HR technology leaders will offer insights on the key findings from the 19th Annual Sierra-Cedar HR Systems Survey, as well as provide commentary on how each high-performing organization is achieving its own critical outcomes through HR technology. They’ll also share knowledge about HR technology deployment models, adoption strategies, vendor satisfaction drivers, implementation best practices, resourcing and investment goals, approaches to analytics, and practical uses for emerging technologies. You’ll leave knowing how to develop your own annual HR systems strategy to plan for the future.


Stacey Harris

VP, Research and Analytics


photo of Stacey Harris
Stacey Harris

Stacey Harris is the Vice President of Research and Analytics for Sierra-Cedar, A leading member of the HR practices and technology research community since 2007, Harris currently leads Sierra-Cedar’s Annual HR Systems Survey and Enterprise Research function.

Dana Christian

Director, Workforce Technology & Data Governance
Ingersoll Rand


photo of Dana Christian

As Director, Workforce Technology & Data Governance, Dana’s primary responsibility is leading the company’s initiative to apply lean methodology to core HCM processes and tools ensuring an end user experience that is simple, standard, mobile and global. She works closely with HR and IT leadership to develop and execute the company’s HR technology strategy and is also responsible for building, executing and sustaining the data governance model for workforce data. She has eighteen years of experience in HR and Payroll using a variety of technology solutions.
Dana holds an undergraduate degree from the University of Nebraska at Omaha and an MBA from Ball State University.

Karen Caveney

Global HR Technology & Architecture Leader


photo of Karen Caveney
Karen Caveney

Passionate about creating business success, Karen Caveney is in her dream job, shaping and delivering HR and workforce technology solutions for Dell Technologies. Karen is program leading the initiative to deploy a world class HCM ecosystem, enabling Dell’s workforce to define and lead the industry, in service of Dell’s customers.